Aural Hematomas

Funky Case Friday! Did you know that Aural Hematomas are common in dogs, but quite uncommon in horses? Although seemingly a rare case, Skillman Veterinary Services has treated two in the past month!

What are Aural Hematomas? It is defined as a hemorrhage between the skin and cartilage in the ear. The pressure causes pain and irritation. This irritation often induces self-inflicted trauma, such as head rubbing and shaking, which can cause additional damage to the ear. The cause of Aural Hematomas is unclear, but theories include trauma, hypersensitivity diseases, ectoparasites, increased capillary fragility and autoimmune diseases. 

How did we treat it? Dr. Harris surgically corrected the cases by creating incisions on the inner ear, which facilitates blood removal. She then sutured the incisions and expects a full recovery!

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