Dr. Natalie Skillman is an exceptional practitioner. As new horse owners, she partnered with our family to ensure we have healthy, happy horses. She has provided a wide range of services for our horses: nutritional recommendations, well-checks, vaccinations, dental services, and surgical services. We are blessed to have Dr. Natalie Skillman on our equine team.

Christi Davidson

Dr. Skillman is so prompt at answering messages and is so kind and patient to our sometimes grumpy old mare. We were so lucky to find her. Thank you for everything

Karen Paris Loshe

So professional, so kind, and always there night or day for all equine needs. I sleep better knowing I have a vet that answers my call, always gets back to me, and works with my schedule. Dr. Skillman and Emily are an awesome duo. They are so patient with donkeys and they are not the greatest some days to handle.

Kristie Upton

Doc Skillman is very reliable caring and personable. I have had experience lately with some vets that just don't care and are in it for the money and nothing more. Natalie is not one of those she is caring and very respectful to your pets needs. If it wasn't for her I would have lost one of my horses to west Nile. She was there every day doing what ever it took to save him. I just want to thank you Natalie you are an awesome vet and person.

Lisa Moran

Natalie always answers my questions and concerns, comes out for emergency calls and is always very nice. We love her and how she helps with our vet care of our horses.

Dawn Patterson

Have used Dr Skillman since she has been practicing in Indiana. Have used her for maintenance visits, lameness and emergency visits. Very personal, provides excellent care and compassion. She also works well with your equine maintenance team!

Susan Ogier

I am a client of Dr. Skillman’s.  She is so caring, and she does it for the horses.  My mare went down with EPM right at the start of the pandemic.  She came out in the middle of a field, and it took six of us to get her all the way in the barn. She stayed there until she felt better a little bit.  She was there everyday for a week until we got the test results back with an IV and all of her fluids and everything that she needed. There was a lot to do and she never gave up on her. Dr. Skillman is awesome.  I owe her so much.  This was at the beginning of the pandemic, and she never hesitated to help my mare...Natalie Skillman, You rock.

Tabby Foster

Dr Skillman is the best. She wouldn't give up when my horse nearly lost her due to an ulcer then an abscess. She is very kind and gentle with the animals and very helpful on explaining how things are going and what still needs to be done if necessary. I would recommend her to everyone !!

Donna Pollitt

We have used Dr. Skillman for a few years now. She is very knowledgeable and always kind to our horses. She always answers our questions and never seems like she’s in a rush. She always responds to a text or a call promptly, and even came out immediately when we had an emergency with our pony. I highly recommended Dr. Skillman. I’m so pleased we found Dr. Skillman after moving back to Greenfield. Dr. Skillman is truly the best!!!

Marcia Curtis