Emergency Coverage & Policies

We are thrilled to announce that we are now uniting together with veterinarians from several local clinics to provide weekend and holiday emergency equine coverage through an equine emergency co-operative. This ensures that you, as a horse owner, always have an on-call veterinarian on weekends and holidays. Please keep the following information handy so that you are prepared for emergencies and have a plan in place. Click the red button below for a quick guide of our emergency coverage policies & hours.

Our regular clinic hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5pm. 
Emergency hours are available Monday – Thursday from 7 am – 8am, and from 5pm until 10 pm. Weekend & Holiday emergency hours (with on-call veterinarian) begin Friday at 5pm until Monday at 7am.

Clinic Hours (Monday-Friday)

*Available to current clients only

After Hours Emergency Care (Mon.-Fri.)

*Available to current clients only

Weekend/Holiday Co-Op Emergency Care

On-call veterinarian - Available 24 hours *current clients only

Upcoming Co-Operative Weekend & Holiday Care- Schedule

For your convenience, below is a list of upcoming weekends with corresponding doctors on-call. We will have this information on our voicemail message over the weekend and will do our best to update on social media regularly as well. Skillman Veterinary Services emergency coverage will end on Friday at 5pm and resume Monday at 8am, with exceptions on the weekends and holidays Skillman Veterinary Services is on-call.
* Reminder:  You must be a current client (horse seen in the last 12 months for a non-emergency visit) for the corresponding on-call doctor to provide service.

February 3-4 ♦ Dr. Clarke from Hillview Veterinary Clinic

February 10-12  ♦  Dr. Kirtley from KCK Equine

February 16-19 President’s Day Weekend ♦  Skillman Veterinary Services

March 2-3  ♦  Dr. Clarke from Hillview Veterinary clinic

March 9-10 ♦  Dr. Kirtley from KCK Equine

March 16-17 ♦  Skillman Veterinary Services

March 23-24 ♦  Dr. Blackwell Horse and Hound Veterinary Clinic

Haulers & Trailers

We understand not everyone has access to a trailer. For this reason, we are providing you with these contacts that may be of assistance to you.

Rachel Lehr (Westfield, IN) 317-752-3729
Katie Heim (Zionsville, IN) 317-258-1615
Katrina and Al Napier (Martinsville/Mooresville) 317-797-9639
Kayla Maxwell (Greenwood) 813-362-2383
Kay Delullo (Atlanta) 317-258-4663
Cheyenne Cornett (Marion/Fairmount) Indiana 765-618-1010
Don Bode (Strawtown) 317-385-9199